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Q: How do I receive my order:
A: We mail them to your USPS mailing address.



Q: When will my Deal be mailed?
A: Within a few days of receipt of your email with your USPS mailing address and prefered location (we have six).



Q: Do you share my information?
A: No



Q: Can I get my deal via email?
A: No. We mail our Gift Cards and TokeNotes to your USPS mailing address.



Q: I have a problem with my order. What should I do?
A: Please email us first to give us a chance to make it right. Contacting a third party will delay our service to you.



















extreme token





Q: What is a TokeNote?
A: A paper car wash coupon used like cash.



Q: Can TokeNotes be used at any of the 6 Chicagoland Locations?
A: Yes!



Q: When do TokeNotes Expire?
A: Two Years



Q: Can I combine the values of my TokeNotes:
A: Yes! TokeNotes are treated same as cash.



Q: I put my TokeNote in and nothing happened. What should I do?
A: Be sure to select the wash button that the TokeNote is valid for.



Q: Does it matter how I put the TokeNote in:
A: Yes. Be sure you have the correct side “This side up”




Spirit of America
Car Washes





gift card




Q: Can I use my Gift Card at more than one location?
A: Not at this time. If you prefer TokeNotes, they may be used at any location.


Q: How do I receive my order:
A: We mail them to your USPS mailing address.



Q: When does my Gift Card expire?
A: Two Years.



Q: I have a discount code. How do I order my Gift Card?
A:Enter your code in the Directions to Merchant



Q: I purchased my Gift Card online at a deals site. Can I replenish it through you?


A: Yes! Visit our website to replenish your card. We will honor whatever promotion we are running.



Q: Can I order a Gift Card over the phone?
A: Yes! Call our customer service line

(331) 431-7898















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